Dried Bean Mosaic Art Project

Aidan has been studying the Roman Empire in history, and we read that they created a lot of mosaics to decorate their buildings. We bought a bag of 15 bean soup mix a while back to use for a project, so we decided to make a mosaic with beans!

We used some heavy cardboard cut from the side of a box because I didn’t want it to warp with all the glue and beans! Aidan decided to make a rhino like his Playmobil one. He drew the rhino in pencil first (with only a little help from me on the head!), and then started gluing!

Here is our finished product! This was a fun project, and I’m planning to try a simpler version with Gresham.


  1. Sharon says

    Found you through your post on Spring Break activities on Keeping the Kingdom First blog. I love your projects and plan to implement some of them when my daughter is a bit older.


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