Alphabet Running Game

We’ve been stuck inside the house a lot lately because of the flu and bad weather! We decided to burn off a little steam by adding running to an alphabet game!

I lined up a few alphabet cards on the kitchen table. I told Gresham to go across the house and stand by the front door. I would call out a letter that he was to look for, and then say, “Go!” He had to run across the house to the table, find the letter as fast as possible, run back to the door with it, and tag the door. Gresham had a GREAT time! Boys are so easy to please – just add running, hitting, or throwing to any activity!

Aidan (age 7) even wanted to join in (because of the running in the house!), but this game would definitely be more fun if you have more than one preschooler! We did some “racing” with me calling out a different letter for each of them, but Aidan is so much older than it wasn’t fair at all!

What other ideas do you have for learning activities that are active?

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