Lego Mazes

Last week, I found this idea for Lego mazes on the block activity round up at hands on: as we grow. I knew that the boys would love this!

We found that it helps to build the entrance and exit to the maze first, and then fill in the middle.  I was impressed with the maze that Aidan (age 8) built!

After finishing his maze, Aidan decided to make his go up to different levels!  He also added some Star Wars guys (of course)!

Owen (age 2) insisted that I take a picture of his “maze” too, so here it is! :-)


  1. Pamalot says

    thank you for the post.
    In kindergarten a few students have been designing mazes with shoe box lids and straws so after I saw this post, I worked with a small group on building a lego maze. It was fabulous and inspired other students to try to make a lego maze as well.

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