Fourth of July Art and Fireworks in a Glass

We had some festive Fourth of July fun at our house today!

First, we did fireworks paintings.  We drew fireworks with glitter crayons on white heavyweight paper.  Then, we painted a “night sky” over them with watercolors.  The crayons resist the paint and make a nice effect!

I did the fireworks part for Owen (almost 3), and he did the painting.  He didn’t want to stick to night sky colors, but it turned out pretty anyway!

Then, we did some “Fireworks in a Jar” (except our were Fireworks in a Glass).  I saw this idea on Money Saving Mom, who got the idea from I Can Teach My Child.

To make fireworks in a glass, we covered the bottom of a bowl with vegetable oil, and then added food coloring.  We added 1-2 drops of each color.  Then, we stirred a little with a fork.  The food coloring won’t mix with the oil, so it just breaks up into tiny balls of food coloring.

Then, we poured the oil and food coloring mixture into a glass of warm water.  It works best if you pour slowly and carefully.

The oil and food coloring will sit on top of the water for several seconds.  Then, the food coloring will begin to sink into the water, creating little explosions!

It was a lot of fun to watch!

More Fourth of July Fun:

Check out our CD spinners from last year for another fun art project.

My friend Esther has a great idea for making red, white, and blue layered drinks!

Kids Activities Blog featured sugar cookie bars with patriotic sprinkles – yum!

Here are some fun patriotic lanterns.

I hope you all have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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