Duct Tape Valentines Box

Duct tape is so fun to craft with!  We’ve made wallets, belts, and armbands with it, and it’s always fun to find a new reason to use duct tape.  This weekend, I turned a cardboard box into a fun Valentine’s box with duct tape.  It was a fun way to make something for Valentine’s Day that my boy-heavy family would approve of!

To make one, all you need is a cardboard box, red and white duct tape, scissors, and baby wipes.  Yes, baby wipes!  I read on Pinterest that if you wipe the blades of your scissors with a baby wipe, they will cut through duct tape with no problems.  It really does work!  You do have to re-wipe after every few cuts.  I usually tear duct tape when possible, and use the baby wipe trick for when I really need a neat cut.

Duct Tape Valentine's Box

 The first thing I did was to cover two sides with white duct tape strips running horizontally.  I let the tape hang over a little.

Duct Tape Valentine's Boxes

If you cut a slit where the duct tape overhangs on a corner, you can fold the pieces over and it will lay nice and flat.

Duct Tape Valentine's Boxes

I went the opposite direction with the red duct tape so that the edges between the two colors would be nice and neat.

Duct Tape Valentine's Box

 The edges around the top looked messy, so I added a horizontal strip folded over around the top on each side.

I cut the hearts out of two pieces of red duct tape with sticky sides together.  It’s much, much easier to cut that way!  Then I folded over loops of duct tape to attach them to the box.

Duct Tape Valentine's Box

 I made our box to hold our February Kindness Devotions.  If you want a tool for helping your family focus on loving God and loving people, come check them out!


  1. Carla says

    Hi here I’m a fellow KBN blogger and I write for spoonful.com, would it be okay if I included one photo with a link for a roundup? I love this project!


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