It’s a goooood thing this puppy is so cute.

This morning, his crate was dry when we went it to get him, but I could tell by the smell that he had gone in it during the night. We headed for the bathtub to clean up.

Between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., I cleaned up four puddles. This dog refuses to go outside, then sneaks off to a corner as soon as he gets in to the carpet. Something had to be done! The boys could tell I was getting frustrated. I told them that they needed to be active participants in watching this dog, or we would have to get rid of him.

“Noooooooo!” they cried. “We waited two months to get this puppy!”

This was true.

We called the breeder. He had some good suggestions. He said that we should definitely keep the puppy off the carpet at all times until he has some more control. He suggested a pet gate from an online store that would work for a huge opening like the one we have across our kitchen (probably 12 ft.). Unfortunately, the gate was $80. Hmmmm…. finances are tight at the moment… was it worth $80?

We decided to try a homemade option first…

It ain’t pretty, but it kept my carpets dry all day! We had a couple of puddles, but it was much easier to clean off the linoleum. And, I can sanitize the whole thing with my new floor cleaner!

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  1. Kim Sep 8, 2010

    Get in the habit of taking puppy outside every hour, even every half hour if you need to - don't give him a chance to mess inside. Take him to the exact same place each time. If he does what he is supposed to while out - cheer and praise him, he'll soon get the idea. Many dogs need a bit of exercise to get their bowels moving - have the kids chase him around the yard until her goes. It does get better - best of luck.

  2. Sandy Sep 8, 2010

    Ditto what Kim said! Take that cute puppy outside every half hour! Tell him "Go potty!" or whatever words you choose and praise him when he complies. It won't take long for him to understand what you want. It worked with my dog! Also be sure to take him out just before you go to bed. He wouldn't pee in his crate (his safe home) unless he just couldn't hold it any longer. Take him out during the night, also!

    1. Sarah Sep 8, 2010

      Oh yes, we are definitely doing these things!! We have had the puppy about a week and a half, and we have been taking him out every hour, telling him to go potty, etc., but the real roadblock is the torrential rain we have had the past two days! He simply is not willing to go outside... so far today, every puddle has been on the floor, even though we have taken him out several times. Hopefully we'll get back on the bandwagon once the weather gets better! Thanks for your comments!

  3. Andrea Jun 13, 2012

    Yay! thanks for the idea.... I got the same long space in my kitchen... and 4 week old puppies aren't ready to go outside with parvo on the rage right now.


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