Yesterday, I needed something constructive for Gresham to do with scissors. He LOVES to cut. And glue. We had some magazines lying around, so we decided to cut out alphabet letters and make a poster! This project kept him busy for a good chunk of time yesterday, and then we worked on it again this morning! We also used some cereal boxes and even a Chick-fil-A bag for letters. You can find material everywhere!

We would have had even more fun if we hadn’t had to keep stopping to pry open the mouths of the puppy and the baby to fish out scraps of paper! (We are having the baby’s iron levels tested to see if he’s anemic – he eats paper ALL THE TIME! We should hear back from the Dr. tomorrow…)

Aidan added the Cat in the Hat stuff because he liked it. 🙂

We are going to keep adding to this – it will be kind of like an “I Spy” game when we are done. While we were working, I thought of some different versions of this that we can do in the future:

  • Gluing on letters in ABC order
  • Matching capital letters with lowercase letters
  • Spelling words and names

At one point, I left the room, and when I came back, Gresham had cut out a capital “E” all by himself and glued it on next to the lowercase “e”. He was so proud to show it to his dad tonight.

Every time we do a project like this, I am reminded at how much kids enjoy simple things!

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