Here is another screen-free summer idea – set up a backyard water play area!

I had decided ahead of time that this would be an “Owen-speed” activity – it seems like we are often doing things that he is not old enough for yet, and it’s nice when he gets to enjoy doing 3-year-old things.

I put a Rubbermaid container on the porch, and the boys stayed busy for quite a while filling it up from the outside faucet with plastic cups!  Then they played with toy sharks, a couple of cups with holes poked in the bottom, a spray bottle, and a pack of sponges.  They had a lot of fun “painting” on the porch with the sponges!  We also cut the bottom off of a plastic milk jug, and they had fun pouring water through that.

Trying to enjoy these summer moments with little boys at home while they last!


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  1. Shelly Jun 29, 2012

    Looks like all your kids had a great time. I know my son would love any kind of water play. We did a squirt gun target practice a few days ago and he is still asking when we can do it again.


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