Husband:  Wow, the boys’ bathroom was pretty bad.

Me:  I don’t understand how it gets SO dirty so fast!  I just cleaned it Monday or Tuesday, and you had to clean it again tonight!

Husband:  Because they don’t care.

Me:  Hmm, true…

Husband:  They don’t care how much splash the water makes, they don’t care how much soap or toothpaste is used, they don’t care if it’s not rinsed down the drain…

Now if I can just figure out how to get them to care… anyone know the secret to that?  We do make them help with the cleaning, especially if there is a big mess made within 24 hours of us doing the cleaning!  My hope is that one day, we will own a house with a bathroom that can be all theirs and not also be for guests.  Then, they can use it and clean it themselves!


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  1. Becki Oct 6, 2011

    We recently started having the kids clean the bathroom after getting ready for bed each night (well, that is the Our 6 year old daughter is bad about toothpaste in the sink, so she gets the sink and counter. Our 4 year old boy doesnt notice when he hits the wall, so he gets the toilet and around it (with dad supervision). So far it hasnt sunk in yet, but we havent done it much. Now just need to come up with something for my almost 2 boy...

    1. Sarah Oct 8, 2011

      I'm thinking that the "clean every night" plan is the way to go! Then their bathroom wouldn't have the chance to get really awful. I like your division of labor - we could do that with my boys! We filled a squirt bottle with half vinegar and half water so that they can clean the sink with that, and I don't have to worry about harsh chemicals.

    2. Lisa Oct 7, 2011

      Maybe if you happen to walk in the bathroom at any point and see that it's clean (by them), they'll get something special?

      1. Crystal Oct 8, 2011

        SO TRUE! We have three boys and one girl, and I've yet to figure out how to get my boys to "care." I thought maybe it was just me, but apparently it's more of a universal issue! I was hoping you had the secret! :)

        1. Mary Oct 9, 2011

          I'd like to know how to get them to care. Even my 20 year old doesn't care how disgusting his bathroom is. Maybe if I have someone come in and clean it, then charge him for it.....hmmmm....that could motivate him :)

          1. Esther Irish Oct 11, 2011

            This last summer I finally got my kids cleaning the bathrooms themselves. It was work, but it was worth it. Mine are quite a bit older though! :)


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