A rare moment of quiet after dinner last night when Aidan read to the younger two!

This was Owen’s costume for the church fair the other night.  My mom made this elephant hat (well, not really a hat… what would you call that?) for Aidan when he was 3 and really interested in elephants.  Gresham wore it when he was 1, and this year it was Owen’s turn!  He left it on for about 5 minutes… long enough for me to quickly snap this picture!

And speaking of the church fair, I had to post this picture of our friend Liam, who dressed up as Ron Washington, manager of the Texas Rangers. He was so adorable in his fake mustache (and that’s his real hair – shaved!), and really looked like Ron Washington!  After everyone taking pictures of him at the fair, he has become a local celebrity, and his picture has gone viral online!

You can read one news story here, and his mom’s account of his celebrity status here!  How fun!

Here is Owen in his brother’s army hat.  He is so cute discovering so many “big boy” things that he can do!


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  1. Lindsay @ BytesOfMemory Oct 31, 2010

    What a great elephant hat! What a great fair you guys had!

    1. Tish Mar 3, 2014

      Does your mom have a pattern for the elephant hat?


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