Here is an easy way to recycle an old CD into a spinner toy! We got this idea from the June/July 2010 edition of Family Fun magazine. The magazine suggested making the spinners in red, white, and blue for a fun Fourth of July craft, so that’s what we did today. But you can make them any color for any time of the year!

To make one, you need:

  • An old CD
  • A marble
  • Paper
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Strong glue (Family Fun suggests Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate or hot glue. We used hot glue, and it was not strong enough – our spinners kept breaking!)
  • A plastic cap from a water bottle or other similar size bottle

First, glue a marble onto the center of the CD. We made one with a big marble and one with a small marble. They seemed to spin equally well, although we decided that the big marble was a little more fun because it wobbled more.

Make a design on paper for the top of the CD, and glue it on. We cut out the center of the paper to help it lay flatter – the marble will bulge through the center a little bit. Then, glue a plastic cap on top. This makes a neat “handle” for easier spinning!

Ours spun really well – fast and exciting enough for our almost-8-year-old, yet easy enough to handle that Owen (age 2) could spin his on his own! Fun for all!


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  1. J Jun 18, 2013

    Another fun thing to do is to glue a bottle cap onto an old cd poke a hole into is then attach a blown up balloon! It turns into a mini hover craft that you can push around...

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