It hasn’t really worked to take time off from school while we adjust to life with a new baby, but we do need our school routine to be more simple than usual. My latest idea (we’ll see how well this works) is to choose a math or science “concept of the day” to focus on. We won’t do this every day, but it will help us to fit in a few hands-on activities alongside the reading and workbooks that the boys are already doing.

Today we worked on measuring.

Gresham (age 5) and I worked on measuring with non-standard units. We made a “hand” measurement device by tracing his hand on cardboard and attaching a craft stick to it to make it easier to hold on to. I gave Gresham a clip board with a list of things to measure using his hand. It was good practice for him – it was hard at first to get the concept of using his finger to mark the end of the “hand” and then moving the hand down to where his finger was.

Aidan worked on measuring to the nearest eighth of an inch. I asked him to get out his ruler and show me what the lines on it meant. He already knew quarters of an inch, so we went on to eighths. He also had a clipboard with a list of things to measure to the nearest eighth of an inch.

Stay tuned for more “Concept of the Day” posts! Some concepts I have in mind are gravity, momentum, volume, and liquid measurement.

What ideas do you have for practicing measurement?


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  1. Shalini Aug 13, 2014

    Hi.. This is such a simple yet such a lovely idea. I can't wait to try it with my little guy(5). I am sure even my little little guy(2) would love to use the scale later on.. Thanks :)


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