So, when we moved to our new house with this gorgeous back yard that backs up to a creek area…

…we knew that would would also have our share of critters and vermin.  In fact, the family that sold the house to us left behind an armadillo trap.  (If you’ve never been to Texas and seen an armadillo, they look like fairy tale animals.  But I assure you – they are real!)  Armadillos tend to dig up flower beds, etc, looking for stuff to eat.  And according to our next-door neighbors, they can carry leprosy, so they’re not great critters to have around.

However, armadillos are not the point of this story.  This is the point of this story:

And this:

The lizard surprised us on the front porch on Friday.  I told the boys to go stand by the front door so that I could take their picture, and this good-sized lizard made me jump as it slithered away under the siding of the house!  It kept coming out all day, and the boys would open the front door to peek at it, then it would run away under the siding, etc, etc.

The snake was on the back patio this morning when my husband took out the trash.  He walked within inches of it on the way to the trash can, and then saw it on the way back!  Two of the boys and I had already left for church, so we missed all the fun!  Thankfully Daddy got some great pictures.  And I have no doubt it will be back…

We don’t know what kind of lizard it is, but we’re pretty sure the snake is a rat snake (non-venomous).

Normally, I love to explore God’s world with the kids, but I’m hoping these critters will stay far, far away!


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  1. Chelle Jul 15, 2012

    I'm thinking the lizard is a 5-lined skink. That snake might have been the end of me! Yikes!!!

    1. Sarah Jul 15, 2012

      I think you're right. 5 lined skink came up when we googled that lizard, but I wasn't sure if it had five lines or not! But I think that must be it. The nose and body are the same shape.

    2. Kimberly S. Jul 16, 2012

      Okay, the lizard I can handle. The snake, not so much. I would have been locked in my house the rest of the day.

      1. jamie Jul 16, 2012

        yuck. I don't mind snakes when they are behind glass...but not so much when I am surprised by one in my yard. But around here, we mostly have rattlesnakes, so at least yours was harmless?? still, yuck. :)

        1. June Dees Jul 16, 2012

          oh my , would have ran if I saw the snake!! kids are realy getting a lesson in critters.

          1. Jill Jul 16, 2012

            Oh yah...the rat snake! I honestly forgot about him Sarah or I would have given you heads up. He showed up for a bit last spring, and that's the last time I recall taking the garbage out to the back ;)Rat snakes mean no rats, mice, etc...So he's a non-venomous critter that gets rid of critters. And speaking of kids getting a really good lesson in critters...Come next spring when momma bunny hasn't had the pleasure of being introduced to Ratty and starts doing that whole nesting need to decide how much of a food chain lesson y'all are ready for before you let the kids get excited about momma bunny's bunnies.

            Never seen that lizard in my life! Ewww!!!

            1. Sarah Jul 16, 2012

              Yeah, according to neighbors, that type of lizard (skink) seems to be new to the neighborhood! We've seen the bunny a few times - I can handle that a WHOLE lot better than the snake! Not sure about the food chain lesson, though... yuck! It's probably better that you didn't warn us ahead of time, we enjoyed a few weeks without suspecting such a creature would turn up! Ha!


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