We are enjoying some spring events this weekend! Yesterday, we went to the Grapevine Vintage Railroad to see Thomas the Tank Engine. A Day out with Thomas (a yearly event) is a preschool boys’ wonderland! We have gone almost every year, but the last time we rode the train was when Aidan was 2 (because of the exorbitant prices!). Usually, we just do the free parts of the event – petting zoo, train tables, temporary tattoos, etc. We decided to fork over the cash this year to give Owen and Gresham the chance to ride on Thomas!

Thankfully, the train lived up to their expectations! Owen has a funny expression in this picture because he was making his “whoo-whooo” train whistle noise! Owen was thrilled to ride without a car seat! How long do you think he sat still in that seat?

Not long at all! I spent almost the entire 25 minute ride sitting him back down. It was worth it, though, and we have some great memories now! (And some very loud train whistles… bad gift shop purchase…On the way out, a store employee said, “Oh, you won’t regret that purchase!” as she snickered to herself…)


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  1. Felice Apr 4, 2011

    looks like you had so much fun. We were at Thomas on the 27th and my little 3 year old loved it, we did have to go on one of the coldest and dreary days, it was fun though and he still is talking about it!!


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