The boys and I did some paint stamping today, and while I was gathering our supplies, I came across the Wikki Stix (Amazon affiliate link) that we got as free samples at a homeschool book fair back in May.  I had the idea to use the Wikki Stix to create stamps for paint!  If you’re not familiar with Wikki Stix, they are basically just wax coated pieces of yarn.  You can bend them and make pictures, letters, etc., and when you’re finished with them, you can just straighten them out and use them again!

To make our stamps, we simply stuck a Wikki Stix on a juice bottle lid.  So easy, and the Wikki Stix stay on really well.

Paint stamping with Wikki SticksWe found that it worked the best to spread the paint on the Wikki Stix with a finger, but dipping them worked too.  You just have to stamp it once or twice to get the excess paint off before you get a nice print.

Press down firmly on all sides of the stamp for the best print.  (But it’s not that hard – my 4 year old could do it!)

Paint stamping with Wikki StixThese stamps are totally re-usable.  Just wash the paint off (we used tempera paint), dry the stix and the bottle lid, and make a new design!

Paint Stamping with Wikki StixI experimented with alphabet letter stamps.  Just make sure that if you’re doing a letter that is not symmetrical, that you make it backwards on the stamp.  I ended up with a very funny looking letter “R”!

Paint Stamping with Wikki StixSo fun!  What design would you make with a Wikki Stix stamp?


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