I made these ornaments when I was in kindergarten, and I still hang them on the tree every year! (I also have one from preschool – it’s a styrofoam bell with gold glitter and “Sarah 1982” written on it!) I distinctly remember coming into my kindergarten room, and the teacher had stations set up at different tables to make three different types of ornaments. The third one was a wreath made out of a pipe cleaner and green beads, but that one disappeared somewhere over the years… That same Christmas (1984), I also remember receiving a Cabbage Patch doll. A friend of my great-aunt waited outside a store for several hours to get it, and I was one happy girl! Ah, good times.

When Aidan was in kindergarten, I had him made a candy cane just like mine. He likes the fact that they match. 🙂

To make the candy cane, simply thread beads onto a pipe cleaner. Cut the ends off the pipe cleaner, and add a dot or two of glue to keep the beads from sliding off.

This is the kind of beads we used.

We haven’t made the toy soldier ornament, but maybe we’ll try it this year! It’s just a clothes pin with red and blue paint, a pipe cleaner for the arms, and a pom pom ball for the hat. And glitter. But I hate glitter, so we won’t be using that…

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  1. Lindsay @ BytesOfMemory Dec 4, 2010

    very cute!! I am going to make a sled with with Sammy this year out of craft sticks and some brown paint! Isn't it funny the little things you remember from way back in the day! What great memories!


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