In honor of the upcoming Olympic Games in London, we had our own backyard Olympics this morning!

We did four events: sprint, long jump, baseball throw, and nerf gun shooting.

Since my boys are fairly far apart in age and ability (almost 9, 5 1/2, and 3), and since they struggle with sibling fighting so much anyway, they did not compete against each other. Instead, I made each of them a name tag with our four events on it. Then, I wrote down their time or distance as we completed each event.

Long jump was easy to do – they ran across the driveway, and then jumped when they got to the grass. Aidan helped me measure each jump.

Instead of shot put, we threw a t-ball! Our yards are so small that the ball ended up at the neighbor’s house, but thankfully Aidan did NOT hit the neighbor who was out working in her flower beds!! (Or a window, that would have been exciting…)

We chose a sprinting distance on the sidewalk and marked it with baseball bats. I LOVE this picture of Aidan running, and the dog running behind him!

Nerf gun target shooting was their favorite event! We drew a target on the fence with chalk.

You can’t have the Olympics without medals! We made some out of cardboard circles covered with aluminum foil. I let the boys choose which event they thought they did the best at, and we wrote that event on the medal with sharpie.

We had a great time, and I think our backyard Olympics would have been even more fun with friends to join us. We may do this again and invite some friends over. Adding some popsicles and a water balloon event would make the day complete! Also, I think a backyard Olympics would make a great theme for a summer birthday party!


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  1. Peyton Price Jun 21, 2012

    We had a cul de sac olympics a few years back--it was a blast. We had an opening ceremony, and an event a day for a week. The kids were small, and it was hot, so the events were quick, with medals all around. And popsicles. Such a nice memory.


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