This super-easy activity has been a favorite for my boys! It always holds their interest longer than I expect it to. We use a dowel rod to be our fishing pole, add a string and a magnet, and we are ready to fish! I made these fish out of index cards. I wrote an alphabet letter on each one and added a large paper clip so that they can be picked up by the magnet.

Now that Gresham knows most of his letters, we practiced the letter sounds as well.

Aidan really wants to be able to fish too, (he always wants to do what the younger ones are doing… shouldn’t it be the other way around?) so I think I’ll make him a set of fish with addition and subtraction facts for review.

Basically, you could use this activity for anything that you would use flashcards for, such as:

  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Letters/Letter sounds
  • Naming a word that starts with that letter
  • Math facts
  • Science/History questions

We love to fish!


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  1. Esther Irish Sep 10, 2010

    Where do you get a dowel rod?

    1. Sarah Sep 10, 2010

      Lowe's or Home Depot... this one actually came out of a wall hanging thingy that my kids kept pulling off the wall, so I gave up and took it down. :-) A ruler would also work.

  2. Heids Sep 28, 2014

    Were do you get a magnet that will work?


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