We had some Christmas shopping success this weekend! Thanks to all of you who commented on my last post about Christmas shopping! Several of you suggested flashlights. The boys were recently given some new flashlights, but the batteries are already run down. So I’m definitely going to be putting batteries in their stockings! I just need to find who has the best sale on those! (Or I may find that it’s cheaper to buy new flashlights…)

On Saturday, I went to Ace Hardware with a 50% off one item ($30 and under) that I printed from coupons.com. (The coupon was only good for Saturday…) I got Gresham this Webkinz dinosaur for $6.50 with the coupon! Aidan will be giving him that gift, and he’s paying with his own money this year! Then, I went to look for scotch tape for Aidan’s stocking, since Ace apparently has everything! In the office supply aisle, I found a pack of rubber bands for 79 cents. Perfect! They are constantly using (and breaking) my supply of rubber bands! (They have even figured out how to rig Tinker Toys to make a bow and arrow using a rubber band…)

One thing that I wanted to get them was some new books, but books can add up fast! We do have a Half Price Books store here, but I am almost out of Christmas budget money as it is. Then tonight, my neighbor brought over this stack of books to give us:

There are more in the pile that you can’t see… it’s a good collection! And only one title that we already had! I’m not going to use them as gifts, but we’ll get them out a few at a time and have new books all month. God was so good to bless us with things that are not necessities, but definitely fun for my boys!


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  1. Lindsay @ BytesOfMemory Nov 29, 2010

    woohoo on finding some good deals and glad that you received such an awesome blessing! One of the things I do for books is website called paperbackswap.com. Something to look into for the future.


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