It’s Spring Break! Hooray!

I was realizing, however, that every time we take a day off of homeschooling, I end up regretting it. Not because I love doing school. Not because I worry about getting behind. It’s because boys with no school to do = boys fighting, bickering, and running through the house like wild monkeys.

It seems like having pre-planned and mentally stimulating things to do for even a small part of the day helps the rest of the day to go better.

I decided (just this afternoon) that we are going to have Grow Week! We are going to spend the week learning about growing things, and we’re also going to learn in Bible Time about ways that God uses plants to teach us spiritual truths (starting with Psalm 1 tomorrow).

Some of my ideas so far:

  • Sprouting pinto beans in glass jars
  • Growing grass in a cake pan to make a play area for toy animals – idea from this month’s Family Fun magazine
  • Visiting the park to do a spring scavenger hunt – we’ll look for trees with new leaves, trees with flowers, etc.
  • Visiting a local farm to see what’s growing there

During the week, I’ll blog about what we’re doing! And if it totally flops, I’ll never “live” blog anything ever again! This is not going to be extravagant by any means, especially since I just had oral surgery on Friday, but maybe we’ll be able to pass along some fun ideas!

What ideas do you have for exploring things that grow?


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  1. jamie Mar 14, 2011

    James' second graders just sprouted sunflower seeds and are going to eat the sprouts on Friday...not sure how they taste. Might be fun??

    1. Genevieve Oct 7, 2014

      Im doing a science experiment about how plants grow without soil


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