Here’s a fun LEGO craft for kids of all ages! Use your LEGO bricks to design and construct LEGO necklaces. These fun necklace charms can be built and then rebuilt over and over. At any point, you can remove the necklace string and put the pieces back in your LEGO collection.

I think this would be a fun craft to do at a LEGO birthday party! Let the kids design their own necklace and then take one home.

My 6 year old was delighted to help me with this LEGO craft! She loves anything pretty.

Supplies Needed: These necklaces are made from paracord and a few basic LEGO pieces. You can use yarn or any type of string, however.

We chose to make our necklaces without a knot or fastener. They just slip over the child’s head.

Step 1: Build a LEGO pendant with some way to run a string through it.

I think the butterfly design is my favorite! Encourage kids to get creative with the bricks you have.

Here are some of the pieces we used for attaching the string.

The flower charm has two 1 x 2 plates that are modified with a pin hole on the bottom.

These work well because they make the necklace lay nice and flat!

Another option is to use 3 x 2 plates that are modified with a hole.

The 3 x 2 plates with a hole are slightly easier to use, but I really like both options. If you’re planning a birthday party, I would recommend ordering extras of both types of pieces. The links I shared above are for Brick Link.

Another option is to use these rings. These come in a variety of sets, but they are mostly used as a flotation ring in an aquatic themed set.

Step 2: Cut your paracord to the right length.

Make sure that the necklace will fit over your child’s head, if desired.

We used #95 paracord, which is a little thinner. It comes in so many pretty colors!

Step 3: Fuse the paracord with a lighter. (Adult job!)

In fact, I think this is easier as a TWO adult job. One of us holds the lighter, while the other holds the two ends of paracord. Melt them for just a few seconds in the flame, and then stick them together.

The connection will be very strong!

If you prefer not to mess with melting and fusing, you can either tie a knot in the paracord or use a different material such as yarn or string.

The finished necklaces are so cute! So colorful and fun. And kids can change the design at any time by switching out the bricks.

We love the butterfly. I think it would also be fun to try a cat face!

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  1. Shirley Davelaar Apr 28, 2020

    Where do you buy the supplies for the lego necklaces?

    1. Sarah May 3, 2020

      We bought the paracord from Hobby Lobby and then just used LEGO pieces that we had. You can also order individual LEGO pieces from Brick Link.

    2. ileisha Apr 29, 2020

      so cool and also i cant wait to make one


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