I am the third child.

My oldest brother did not own markers at age 20 months.

When the middle brother was 20 months old, he drew with the oldest brother’s markers while Mommy held him in her lap and supervised.

Then I came along.  And I get free access to the markers!  Well, actually, Mommy drew the line (get it, drew? ha ha) at me sitting at the table because I was drawing on the table.  Mommy said something about not being able to help the brothers with their project while also constantly rescuing markers out of my grubby little hands.

But it was okay because I got to sit in my high chair and draw to my heart’s content.

And I drew on the high chair tray.  And I tasted some of the markers and drew on my hands and neck.

It is fun to be the third child…


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  1. Cathy Feb 16, 2011

    Scissors. Third child. Hair. Clothes. Paper (usually important papers). There were months at a time that we hid the scissors. Sometimes the hiding places were too easy to find. All I can say is that we ALL lived through it.

  2. jengray72 Feb 16, 2011

    My oldest had to wait till he was seven to see Star Wars. Two years later, when #2 was turning seven, it was heartbreaking to think of excluding #3 (he's only 15 months younger) when they'd all been so immersed in the Star Wars culture already (the oldest always read his brothers the books, too). So I let #1 and #2 vote on whether they thought #3 should watch it with them. They were thrilled to have the decision be "theirs," and they agreed to include him--I was so proud!

  3. Madison Feb 19, 2011

    Cute post...I kinda gathered from my sister, that indeed it is fun to be the third child:)

  4. Tam Feb 19, 2013

    This is funny! My third child definitely has done things much sooner than his older siblings.


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