So, the plan for right now is that Owen (age 2) will share a room with our new baby.  We’ll just have to see if that works out… I am having mental pictures of Owen being a little too “hands on” with the baby.  Those of you who have read this blog for any length of time will know why I might feel that way…  Speaking of Owen, I need to add “rent a carpet cleaner” to our to-do list while I’m thinking of it.  He emptied out half a bottle of Bath and Body Works shower gel on the carpet in our closet.  Yes, it was a Christmas gift.  Thankfully, it was for Jordan’s mom, and she was able to see the humor in the situation – especially since it was Christmas Eve and I didn’t have time to go buy another bottle!

Anyway, I saw an adorable Curious George bedroom in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog that would be perfect for Owen and baby brother, but unfortunately their prices don’t match my budget.  So here’s how we did it:

I bought one Curious George crib sheet and one Curious George toddler sheet set from PBK at full price ($70 for both).

The crib bumper, which is the Pottery Barn Kids bumper that actually matches the set, came from ebay.  It was used, and I paid 50% of the retail price ($35 – almost equal to a generic bumper at Babies R Us or Target, which were $29).

Owen needed a warm blanket for his toddler bed, and I quickly discovered that those are nearly impossible to find in stores!  We went to the fabric store and bought a piece of blue fleece that matched the Curious George sheets.

My aunt and my mom ran a basic blanket stitch around the edges using yarn that my mom already had.  Cost for the blanket: $7.

This picture is my favorite part of the room!  I bought a 12 opening frame at Bed Bath & Beyond with a 20% off coupon ($10.81 with tax – it was $25 on sale for $12.50 and then the coupon).  Then, I cut up one ripped Curious George book that we had and two other George books purchased at Half Price Books for $3 each.  If we had had more ripped books, the artwork would have been free! (I’m not usually wishing for more damaged books! Ha!)  Total cost for the wall art: $17.

Now I’m on the lookout for a good deal on a ledge shelf for the wall and a stuffed Curious George to put on it.  That will give me something to do while waiting for baby!

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  1. Abby Dec 29, 2011

    I love the wall art idea with the multi-picture frame and the ripped books! Genius!

  2. Esther Dec 29, 2011

    Hi, I have recently come accros your blog and love it. Your post of today is gave me some ideas for the bedroom of my 2 boys. Thnxs for sharing. Esther

  3. Judy Dec 29, 2011

    Love your blog, lots of neat ideas. I live in Canada and in our are we have "Freecycle", an online community that shares items that would be donated or sent to a dump. You might want to check out if there are any in your area, I believe the site is You may want to see if there are any Curious George items given away. Cheers.

  4. Rebekah Dec 29, 2011

    In love with your wall art!

  5. Melinda Dec 29, 2011

    Very cute! My kids have a CG bedroom too. We found our George at Ebay for a few dollars. There's a fantastic HUGE George wall decal that is sold by target for about $15 floating on balloons. Painted the room sky blue, sponged in some clouds and stuck George up. Looks awesome =)

  6. maryanne @ mama smiles Dec 29, 2011

    What a cute room! Perfect for two little boys =)

  7. Stranded Dec 30, 2011

    wow! I love coming to your blog and learning all kinds of neat ideas, but this is my favourite - the curious george picture frame. My son loves Curious George. He sleeps with his books. They are like his friends almost (as he doesn't have many in real life), so he would LOVE this. In fact we will make one together.



  8. Terri Dec 30, 2011

    I love the room and it's perfect for 2 boys!

  9. WhitneyGaz Oct 6, 2012

    Love your ideas. I have boy/girl twins and went for the CG theme a year after they where born. It took a while to figure out how to decorate a shared space.
    I used four pictures from Curious You Your On Your Way book and framed them in white 8 x 10 ikea frames with colored ribbon left over from their first birthday. We got Ikea bedding that matched color wise and had cute animals. I hand painted George hanging from balloons. He looks like he's landing in my son's crib. I found metal toys on amazon to display on a shelf. I love the CG theme and like you did not have the pocket for PB. Thanks for sharing your ideas:)

  10. Ashley Sep 24, 2013

    Exactly what ideas I had for my newborn baby...This is so neat. Thanks for the good ideas...


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