Here is an EASY idea for an October play dough project – Jack O’ Lantern playdough faces!

Jack O' Lantern playdough faces

I mixed up some homemade playdough using my favorite recipe from Counting Coconuts and colored it orange with food coloring. Then, I showed the boys how to cut out playdough pumpkins with a cookie cutter and make faces on them with Indian corn.

The Indian corn came from the grocery store looking like this:

Jack O' Lantern playdough faces

We took the corn off the cobs a few days ago, and Owen (my sensory loving child) has been enjoying scooping and pouring with it, and simply running his hands through the corn.

Jack O' Lantern Playdough Faces

Rolling the dough, cutting out pumpkins, and making the faces is a fun project for little hands!

Jack O'Lantern playdough faces

For more fall fun:

  • Use tissue paper to make fall trees – fun for any age.


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