In the summer, our church gives the Sunday School teachers a break by providing a new staff of teachers for the months of June, July, and August. This summer, I am teaching the preschool Bible lesson time. We are using the curriculum Lord, Teach us to Pray by Children Desiring God, which is a study on the Lord’s Prayer.

This past Sunday, we learned that God answers prayer in three ways:  yes, no, or wait.  I wanted the children to have a visual reminder of those answers, so I made these signs to use:

On Saturday evening, I tested the lesson out on Gresham (age 4).  I showed him the “yes” first and told him that it had a smiley face because we are happy when we hear “yes.”  Then I showed him the “no,” also with a smiley face.  As anticipated, he thought that the “no” should have a mad face instead!  I explained that God is perfectly wise and good.  He always answers our prayers according to what is best, so we can trust that He is doing good when He says “no” to us.  There are many ways that God can protect us by saying “no.”

The next morning, the boys and girls in Sunday School had the same response.  I asked them to think about why I would put a smiley face on the “no” sign, and Gresham’s hand shot up.  I was a little hesitant to call on him, since he had already heard the lesson and all, but I decided that it would be best to encourage his enthusiasm.

His answer?

“Well, you could just ignore it… (the smiley face).”

I think that he still thought that the mad face would have been a better choice, and that we should just forget about the smiley face!

Keeps me humble, that one does… And mindful of the fact that only God can truly change his heart!


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  1. Amy Jul 11, 2011

    We are teaching the Jesus, What a Savior! curriculum from Children Desiring God. We love it. It has taught me as much as the kindergartners I have been teaching this year. Good to hear how great the Lord, Teach us to Pray curriculum is too! :) Glad you shared.


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