As I mentioned the other day, I am starting to teach Gresham how to read. Although he does sit still better than Aidan ever did at this age, it helps to add in some move-around-the-house activities!

Today we got out our bathtub foam letters and used them to spell simple three letter words.

I made three piles of letters. The first pile had G, S, B, H, P and F. The middle pile was A, E, and I. The last pile was N, T, M, and D. I asked Gresham to make words by choosing a letter from each pile. He had to keep them in the same order as the piles. This worked well. Gresham had fun spelling words that he could read, and giggled at the nonsense words that came up like “PID” and “HET.”

It was surprising how many words we could make from these letters: get, sad, bat, pet, hat, ham, etc.

And then Gresham made “CWSVXU” and wanted to know what that spelled. He cracked up when I tried to sound it out for him. It must be really fun to be 4 years old!


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