Gresham has loved dinosaurs since he was about 4 years old, and now that he is a little older, he really enjoys dragons as well. Last month, we went to volunteer for the second time at the Institute for Creation Research. While we were there, Gresham was able to ask one of the scientists if dragons were real or not. The scientist answered that dragons were simply dinosaurs. We’ll never be able to fully separate out truth from fiction when it comes to dragon legends, but since we know that dinosaurs were created on the 6th day with all other land animals, we do know that people were alive to be eyewitnesses of flying dinosaurs.

While we were at ICR, Gresham was very happy to get this book – Dragons: Legends and Lore of Dinosaurs by Hodge, Welch, and Looney.

Dragons: Legend and Lore of Dinosaurs from Master Books

We have really enjoyed this book, and I wanted to share it with you all because it can be difficult to find books about dinosaurs from a creation perspective. I would recommend the book for ages 6 and up. The illustrations are fantastic, and the book contains several legends about dragons from cultures all over the world as well as eyewitness accounts of sightings and information about how dinosaurs and dragons fit with the Biblical account. There are several fold-out pages, so be aware that this book is not suitable for little hands!

After we read the book, Gresham built an awesome dragon (and baby dragon) out of Fisher-Price Trio building toys:

Trio Dragon

I was really impressed with his design. Here’s a view from the back:

Learning about Dragons

The boys spent one morning of Christmas break coloring dragon pictures! Despite my tag line up there in my header, they do occasionally like to sit and color. It’s just not very often! I googled “printable dragon coloring pages” and found a lot of options – these pictures were printed from multiple sites.

Learning about Dragons

We don’t know everything about the flying reptiles that God created, and we don’t know whether they looked like fairy tale dragons or not. But it’s still amazing to contemplate God’s creation and the animals that He made for His glory! I’m thankful for the chance to learn with my children, and point them to the Creator!

For more information on dinosaurs (not dragons), we also recommend Dinosaurs by Design by Duane Gish. This book provides information on how dinosaur fossils are discovered, how a bone becomes a fossil, specific types of dinosaurs, and how dinosaurs fit with the Biblical account.

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  1. Ticia Jan 3, 2013

    I got that book for Christmas a year or two ago, and it's SO much fun!


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