In honor of “May the Fourth be With You,” there are some good Lego deals on Amazon!

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Sometimes it’s hard to figure out if a price on Amazon is a good deal or not because the original price may be inflated above what Lego or a store like Target would charge.  I made sure to compare prices with original list prices from Lego and not Amazon’s inflated prices for sets that are no longer being produced.

Lego Deals for "May the Fourth be With You"My boys have enjoyed collecting the “planet” sets.  The Naboo Starfighter is on sale for $4.95, which is half off.  This would be great to buy and put away as a special treat for a summer road trip!

Lego Deals for "May the Fourth be With You"Aidan recently purchased the A-Wing Starfighter (set 75003) and he has it displayed on his dresser.  It’s currently $20.00, so $5 off.  I believe that this is a newer set that came out in January, but my Lego expert is not home right now for me to ask!

Lego Deals for "May the Fourth be With You"The Desert Skiff (set 9496) is also on sale for $5 off, making it $19.44.  Aidan bought this set because it came with Jedi Luke!

Lego Deals for "May the Fourth Be With You"And did you know that you can buy replacement lightsabers?  The boys saw this and begged me to order, but they’re going to have to spend their own money since they have lost so many of their lightsabers!  For $6.29, you can get 6 lightsabers in three different colors.

Lego Deals - May 4thThe City forest police (set 4440) is a great deal at $61.99!  The list price on this one is $79.99, and that is also the current price on

Lego Deals - May 4thFor little builders, the Duplo Bricks and More (set 5507) is on sale for $39.59 (list price $49.99).  This set come with one vehicle, one baseplate, two minifigures, bricks, and windows.

I’m not sure how long these sale prices will last, so be aware that prices can change at any time!

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