It’s time for LEGO® Fun Friday!  

LEGO® Fun Friday (the first and third Fridays of each month) is a blog hop for kid-generated LEGO® ideas.  LEGO® learning activities are also welcome!

This week, Aidan built some cool LEGO® jeeps:

The jeep on the front left is a race car jeep.  It can go really fast on plains or mountains.  The jeep on the front right has six wheels for traveling over rocky places.

This one is a two story “bus jeep” that can carry three people.

This one is a survival jeep.  It has a storage compartment and four “holders.” (Aidan says that holders are parts that can hold onto something, like a weapon.  He has a sword snapped into one of the holders, but you can’t see it because it’s on the other side of the jeep.)  It has a crane for rescuing people off high rocks and getting up to high places.

We also had fun building Lego towers that could withstand an earthquake.

Now it’s your turn!  What did your kids do with LEGO®’s this week?

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  1. Ruth at number 29 Aug 3, 2012

    This is a brilliant idea. Heard about it on the creekside learning facebook page. Will definately be linking up again in the future and checking in to see all the lego activities


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