It’s time for LEGO® Fun Friday! This week’s challenge was to build a car that rolls the farthest. I almost didn’t post this challenge because it was so simple, but I’m so glad I did. My boys have literally spent HOURS over the past two weeks building cars and testing them on our ramp! Our ramp has gone through a few modifications because our bumpy tile floor tends to make the cars swerve.

Here is our final ramp design:

The two green pieces are from our Target brand train table, and the brown board is from another train table which was given to us. They have made great ramps! The cars do not always stay on the ramps, but the boys have not been very bothered by that.

After many designs which would not roll straight down the ramp, Gresham designed this car with a wider wheel base.

That one did not roll very far, so I suggested that Gresham add some more weight:

The extra weight did make the car travel farther! We talked about the fact that more weight equals more momentum for the vehicle. However, we also had an opportunity to learn about center of gravity when Aidan created this car:

Aidan had discovered that longer skinnier cars went farther when they had larger wheel in the back, smaller wheels in the front, and plenty of weight to give them some momentum. However, this car was kind of tippy and out of control. I explained to Aidan that the center of gravity was probably too high.

He then came up with this design, which was his most successful:

I failed to get a picture of Owen’s car! His is the one on the far right in the second picture from the top. He’s getting to be a pretty good LEGO® builder even though he is only three!

Now it’s your turn! Link up your posts about your children’s LEGO® designs or a LEGO® activity. As always, old posts are welcome.

*Note*: I will not be announcing a new LEGO® building challenge next Friday because of the Thanksgiving holiday the week after that. We will not have the link-up the day after Thanksgiving either. Enjoy your holiday!

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  1. Yvonne Blake Nov 9, 2012

    I enjoy your blog very much. You are a good mother.

    When my boys were younger (ages 8-10), they used to have lego demolition derbies. They put all the pieces in a pile and set the timer for 5 min ...or so (I forget)... while two players created some kind of rolling vehicle. Then they stretched rubber bands around the front legs of two chairs that were facing each other - about 10 ft. apart. Next, on the count of THREE!, they would slingshot their "cars" toward each other in a shattering crash. Whichever one survived the crash with the least damage was considered the winner.

    They played this for hours, especially on rainy days. Years later, I found lego pieces in odd corners of the room.

    Keep up the great work raising your boys.

    1. Sarah Nov 10, 2012

      My boys cannot wait to try that demolition derby idea! They loved the idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Emma @mummymummymum Feb 3, 2013

    ooh I love this idea. The LEGOLAND discovery centre in the UK has something similar set up with lots of different sized wheels and bit for cars.

    Thanks for linking up to Little Builders and I am sorry for the late comment.


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