It’s time for LEGO® Fun Friday!

This Friday, it’s time to link up posts with Christmas themed LEGO® designs, but as always, feel free to link up any kid-generated LEGO® designs or LEGO® learning activities.

Aidan and I had so much fun building a Star Wars (what else?) Christmas scene!  I helped with the tree – do you like it?  I love LEGO® minifigures.  Maybe it’s because of the lack of dolls in my house?  And this is as close to a dollhouse and I’ll ever get?  Hmmm…

Anyway,  the Star Wars minifigs had a fantastic Christmas party!

Han Solo was a little late arriving because of a last-minute shopping trip for Princess Leia.  She’s about to become the only girl in the republic with a hair dryer!  (This was Aidan’s idea – no joke!  Cracked me up.)

It was very festive to sit by the tree.

“Zev,” said Leia, “this hot chocolate is actually quite tasty!  I guess I didn’t need to eat dinner before I came to this party after all.”

“Thanks,” Zev replied.  “It’s my mother’s recipe!”

Chewbacca was quick on the draw when Darth Vader showed up!

“Chewy!” said Han, “There’s no need to attack!  At Christmas time, we’re all friends!  He’s the one who brought all the Christmas cookies!”

Who knew a Star Wars Christmas could be so much fun?

Christmas Creations from Readers

Thanks to Rachel, Paul, and Daniel who e-mailed photos of their LEGO® creations!

Here is Rachel’s Christmas tree:

And a blue Christmas tree by Paul:

And a Christmas tree with presents by Daniel:  (Daniel, you are too cute!)

Now it’s your turn to link up!

Link up your kid-generated LEGO® designs or any LEGO® learning activity!  Does not have to be a new post.

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  1. Bridget Jan 7, 2013

    I enjoyed your site and passion for LEGOS. I have a 10 year old that loves LEGOS. Check out his blog @

    Thanks for the Link up!

  2. Denver Water Damage Restoration Dec 4, 2013

    Very cute, great ideas all around this website, thank you for including photos as well. Looks like the little guy is having a great time!


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