It’s time for LEGO® Fun Friday!

Lego Building Challenge: Build Nerf Targets

The building challenge for this week was to build targets for Nerf guns with LEGO®. This idea was completely Aidan’s! I told him that before I announced this challenge publicly, I wanted to see some of the designs he had in mind and see if they would actually work. Well, he came up with some great stuff!

Lego Building Challenge: Build Nerf Targets

This target is built out of smooth bricks just stacked on top of each other. I’m not sure where all of these came from. I don’t think that any of those bricks came in a basic box, but we have not done a great job of keeping our sets separate, so they’re probably from many different sets.

After you carefully stack it up, you take aim… (Aidan would like everyone to know that he can hit the target from farther away than this, but I made him scoot up for the picture 🙂 )

Lego Building Challenge: Build Nerf Targets

And fire!

Lego Building Challenge: Build Nerf Targets

He also built a target that swivels when you hit it using this rotating piece.

Lego Building Challenge: Build Nerf Targets

Owen (age 4.5) really got into this activity as well. He kept using the same few pieces to build a multitude of different targets. He would stand at close range, hit his target, rebuild it, and do it again! Kept him busy a LONG time!

Lego Building Challenge: Nerf Targets

Now it’s your turn! We would love to see what your kids built!

Since the Nerf target challenge might not interest all kids, I announced last time that kids could chose any of our previous challenges to complete. Also, my blog is called Frugal Fun for Boys because I have all boys, but girls are certainly welcome to participate in LEGO® Fun Friday!

Note: I am having technical difficulties with my Linky Tools account, so I don’t have the linky up this week! I seem to have lost all of my past linky’s as well. I will get a linky going for next time, but if you were planning to link up a blog post this week please e-mail me the link and I will add it directly to this post! frugal fun 4 boys @ gmail dot com (take out the spaces).

Or, you can share photos on the Frugal Fun for Boys Facebook page!

The next LEGO® Fun Friday will be Friday November 22nd, and the building challenge is to build a scene from your favorite movie. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Also, check out these Lego Deals on Amazon! There are some great sales going right now to get the Christmas season started! I just checked, and all of the prices are still valid. Someone commented that the Star Wars X-wing had gone back up yesterday, but this morning it’s back to $38.79. If you want to order that set, I wouldn’t wait!

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  1. allanca Jan 3, 2015

    your ideas are genius my son has a lot of nerfs and legos and i had never thought to construct targets.and in winter he don t really play with nerfs. so simple...tomorrow he will be happy...thanks!!!!


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