These LEGO STEM projects are going to make any LEGO inventor jump for joy!

LEGO® and STEM education just go hand-in-hand! I’m of the opinion that LEGO® building is such a valuable engineering activity. Kids are learning problem solving, mathematical relationships, mechanical engineering, and more, all while developing their creativity as they simply play.

Here’s a collection of LEGO® STEM projects that are absolutely worth trying. Each of these projects ties directly to science and engineering education!

Here’s how this post works. Each project has a short description and a link. Follow the link to find the full building instructions for each project.

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LEGO STEM Projects

Build a Rubber-Band Powered LEGO® Car – Learn about potential and kinetic energy with this zippy little car that zooms across the floor under the power of a rubber band! Kids will have fun designing and building it, and then winding it up and letting it go.

Construct a LEGO® Catapult – This is so much fun to build! Add some learning by measuring how far it shoots. Or experiment with the angle of the shooting arm to find the right design for maximum distance.

Build a LEGO® Safe with a Working Lock and Key – Oh, yes! These are awesome, and they really work. It’s fun to build multiple keys, but only one RIGHT key that fits the lock.

Create Spinning Tops with LEGO® Bricks – Grab the bricks, and design some tops that spin REALLY well. Make it an experiment. Do the tops spin better when they are more heavy, or less heavy? Does the length of the rod at the base of the top make a difference in how long it spins?

Build a Disc Launder with LEGO® Bricks – LEGO creations with projectiles are always a lot of fun! This little gadget uses a rubber band to launch a LEGO disc with a lot of power. Well, enough power to be fun, but it’s not going to hurt anyone.

Create an Epic LEGO® Marble Run – This project might be my favorite of all of them! Build a super awesome marble run with spinning elements, little doors that open as the marble rolls through, and more.

Build some LEGO® Math Patterns – Patterns are not just for preschoolers! Create some advanced patterns that are cool to look at and that express mathematical equations. Perfect for upper elementary school and middle school, or ages 8 to 12.

Make your Own LEGO® Candy Machine – This version uses a gear and gear rack, and it dispenses one Starburst candy at a time. Awesome mechanical project!

Build a LEGO® Candy Dispenser – This version dispenser releases a little handful of M&M’s or a similar candy. This is a Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls reader favorite! So many people have sent us photos of their candy dispensers!

Create some Wind Powered LEGO® Contraptions – Challenge kids to see what they can build that is powered by wind! Use a small electric fan to provide the “wind.” A basic windmill is easy to construct for beginners. Challenge older kids to use gears to transfer the wind power into another type of motion!

Oh man, that was 10… but I’ve got to include one more! So let’s make it 11!

Build some LEGO® Pulleys – This project is easy to do with basic pieces, and kids will really feel the mechanical advantage of a pulley system! Perfect for a unit on simple machines.

If your kids love building LEGO® STEM projects, you’ll definitely want to grab our machines book – Genius LEGO® Inventions with Bricks You Already Have! Every project in this book has moving parts, such as the robot on the bottom right which pedals his feet as you push him along. Think classic mechanical toys, but built out of LEGO® bricks! Each project has step-by-step instructions as well as science explanations on how it works.

LEGO STEM Projects


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  1. Will G Douglas II Oct 21, 2019

    I can't wait to try these with my boys! They all look like so much fun. Thank you for posting these Sarah!

  2. Mary Nevinski Nov 23, 2019

    The Grands are coming for Christmas. Can hardly wait to see what they can create. Thank you.

  3. lucas Feb 10, 2021

    im so good with lego i love the ideas


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