Today, Gresham (age 4) learned how to ride his bike without training wheels! Actually, he never had training wheels. We got him a balance bike when he was 2. If you’ve never seen a balance bike, it’s a 12 inch (usually) bike with no pedals or training wheels. They’re designed for toddlers to learn to ride first by walking along with their feet, and then by putting their feet up and coasting. Gresham has been able to balance on his bike with his feet up for a block or more at a time (going downhill). A balance bike is a great option because you can skip the training wheel phase and go straight to a regular bike once your child is tall enough and coordinated enough to pedal. Also, they’re great for younger siblings who want to keep up with older kids on their bikes. A balance bike is so much more agile than a tricycle or training wheel bike. We own this one from Specialized. It was well worth the price, and now we’ll be handing it down to Owen this summer!

Gresham could have learned to ride our 16 inch bike sooner than this, but this boy is not a fan of change… We’ve been trying to talk him into this bike for ages, and finally we said that he could not ride his old bike anymore since he has new shoes. He was dragging his feet to stop on the balance bike, and we’re not letting him ruin another pair of shoes!

He did great and was riding well in minutes!

I like this bike after all!

Now he just needs to learn how to get himself started, and he’ll be set!


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  1. thefarmerfiles Feb 21, 2011

    Proud day for sure! It looks so warm where you are!

  2. June Dees Feb 21, 2011

    Wow what fun, glad we heard it fom him,he sounded so excited, BIG day for him!!


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