Woo hoo, today is one of my favorite Deals of the Day of the holiday season! Today only, select Magformers sets are up to 40% off. I usually shoot for paying $1/piece for Magformers, and with these deals most of the sets are well under that price!

Magformers are an awesome STEM toy because they are durable and lead to imaginative, open-ended play. My kids spend hours with them, and we often pull them out when kids come over to play.

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I’ve got my eye on this Magformers gear set – how cool! This Challenger set is a great way to get a ton of pieces (112) for 68 cents a piece.

Click here for all the deals: Magformers Deal of the Day


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  1. Suz Nov 13, 2017

    I'm new to Magformers but am interested in having them for my Grands to use when they visit. We have a vast collection of Legos, but these look like fun, too. I see that they are sold in sets - do the sets need to be kept separately as the set, or are the pieces like Legos, interchangeable and usable with each other? Also - should I start with the starter set - my Littles range in age from 5 to 10 - or can I just start with any set that looks interesting?

    1. Sarah Nov 13, 2017

      I bet your grandkids will love them! They do not have to stay together by set, and any set is fine to start with. I'd just start with the set that looks the best to you!


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