So how did our week go?  Well, it was still pretty wild at times! We have a long way to go! We took Friday off of school to drive an hour to a doctor’s appointment for Owen, so we also had a shorter school week than usual.

I think that training Owen to play on a blanket is going to pay big dividends in sanity and more focused school time.  This week, I only put him on the blanket during times that interruptions would be okay since we are still in the training phase.  He is definitely getting the concept – he knows what I want him to do, and he is playing with toys a whole lot more on the blanket than he would if I just got out some toys and suggested that he play with them. We will keep working on blanket time this week. I still have to keep putting him back on it and correcting him.

As far as Owen wandering around the house and getting into stuff… we are not making a whole lot of progress on this one.  We’re not giving up, though! Discipline is not easy, but a lack of discipline is far worse, and is also disobedient to the commands of scripture to train my children.

At some point during the week, I realized that I am homeschooling all three, not just the one who is school-aged!  My focus should be on character development for all three, and I need to expect that this will be time consuming.  Schooling should come second to character development. I am a checklist sort of person, so this is difficult for me.  I like to look at our completed checklist at the end of the day and feel like we accomplished something.  Developing character is not a checklist sort of task!

I have also been thinking about maintaining a proper balance of not fighting against their ages and developmental levels.  This goes back to the childishness vs. foolishness thing.  I am setting myself up for a fight if I expect them to be quiet for long periods, sit still for long periods, etc.  But on the other hand, they will not “grow out of” disobeying clear commands,  ignoring instruction, or laziness.  It’s a balance.  Many things in parenting are.

Goals for this week:

  • Continue working on blanket time
  • Continue training Owen on not getting into things he shouldn’t
  • Continue training Owen on not eating books/paper/etc.
  • For me to respond with patience to the inevitable messes and interruptions!

I’ll update again next week!


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