It’s 3 days before Christmas, and there are presents that need to be wrapped, Christmas Eve dinner that needs to be planned, etc., not to mention the fact that I am 36 weeks pregnant and would love to be sitting with my feet up.  So why are we doing crafts?

Because boys and “free days” don’t mix, especially not before a major holiday and the impending birth of a sibling!  Before we did this activity, they were launching hot wheels off a ramp toward the Christmas tree.  I can only stand so much of that…

So here’s a quick craft to keep hands occupied at your house if your “free days” are turning out like mine!

We made a baby Jesus in a manger using a file folder, a clothes pin, felt, white school glue, hot glue, and some raffia grass.  This craft was inspired by one my brother made in preschool long, long ago!  They used little french fry trays (like from a concession stand), but we didn’t have any of those, so I had to improvise.

I cut this shape out of a file folder, and traced two more for the other boys.  The triangles on the edges are tabs for glue.

We made baby Jesus by drawing a face on a wooden clothes pin and then gluing a square of felt around him like “swaddling cloths.”

We added some pieces of raffia grass (leftover from a craft ages ago), and our mangers were finished!

And now, we’re going to go put on a movie…


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  1. Allison Feb 16, 2013

    Sarah! I posted a craft like this just before Christmas last year. A friend of mine brought all the supplies to playgroup. She said she had seen it on Pinterest. I was cleaning up my Pinterest boards, and this caught my eye. She got the idea from you! I should have known it was someone I knew. :) I'm updating my post with a link to yours. It's such a wonderful craft.


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