Over the next few weeks, we’ll be joining up with some fabulous bloggers to bring you STEAM activities for kids. In you’re not familiar with the term STEAM, it stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

How to Make Rockets with Mini M&M’s Tubes

Our first attempt at a rocket powered Lego car involved mini M&M’s tubes and Alka Seltzer. It didn’t work for the Lego car, but we did discover a cool way to make paper rockets!

Start by eating a tube of mini M&M’s. 🙂 Cut the lid off so that it is no longer attached.

M&M's Tube Rocket

Then create a paper rocket to fit on the lid. We used hot glue to attach the rocket to the lid.

M&M's Tube Rockets

To launch, fill your tube about 1/3 with water and drop in 1/2 Alka Seltzer tablet. Quickly snap on the lid and wait for the launch!

Try giving your kids the materials and letting them experiment with which amounts work the best. Filling up the tube with water and using a lot of Alka Seltzer does not yield the best results. You need room for the gas to build up and create pressure on the lid. It’s fun to let kids work out that problem on their own!

M&M's Tube Rocket

This could be an indoor or outdoor activity – it’s not super messy, and any spills can be quickly wiped up.

Ready to see our rocket in action?


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  1. Anne at Left Brain Craft Brain Feb 23, 2015

    So fun! I love that there's a little delay in the rocket firing, it builds the suspense!

  2. Ana Feb 24, 2015

    We tried the film canister popping project and I love that you did this with M&M tubes! Brilliant!

  3. Shirley Feb 28, 2015

    You are filled with wonderfully creative ideas! Thank you for making the time to share with us!


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