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We spent a good part of our day on the hunt for new LEGO® Star Wars sets that were released today (January 1, 2016). We had trouble finding a Christmas gift for Gresham as LEGO® sets, especially Star Wars ones, were in short supply this season. After several unsuccessful shopping trips we ended up giving him a gift card for Christmas. He has been eagerly waiting for January 1st to find some of the new LEGO® Star Wars sets!

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New LEGO Star Wars sets for The Force Awakens

We started at the LEGO® store, which is not really a true LEGO® store but the gift shop that goes with our local Legoland Discovery Center. They did not have very many of the new sets in yet – just the bionicle style characters. So then we went to Target, and they didn’t have the new sets either. Later in the day I ended up at a second Target (shopping for birthday wrapping paper, etc. for Jonathan’s birthday) and they had the sets that Gresham wanted, and Aidan bought one too.

Both boys bought the Battle on Takodana (75139). This set has some really neat features – a collapsing wall, a falling tree, opening sliding doors, and more. Kylo Ren and Finn have been battling ever since Gresham put his set together! (I’m so glad that he hasn’t outgrown imaginative play yet at age 9!)

Lego.com has this set priced at $59.99 and so does Amazon. However, I paid $49.99 at Target, and that wasn’t a sale price! I’m not sure what the deal is with the pricing. The Target website shows the price to be $49.99, but it’s not available online right now.

New LEGO Star Wars sets - The Force Awakens

Gresham and Owen each bought the Resistance Trooper Battle Pack (75131) that is pretty awesome and a good value at $12.99. These are good guys (I had to ask my boys, ha ha!).

New LEGO Star Wars Sets - The Force Awakens

Other new sets:

There are 11 new sets total, with 6 of them being bionicle style figures.

Resistance Troop Transporter (75140)

New LEGO Star Wars sets

First Order Battle Pack (75132)

New LEGO Star Wars sets - The Force Awakens

Then there is a First Order Snow Speeder and bionicle versions of Poe Dameron, Finn, Kylo Ren, Rey, a First Order Stormtrooper, and Captain Phasma.

It’s kind of a dirty trick that they release all these sets right after Christmas, don’t you think?

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