Baby Jonathan is a week old today! I can’t believe how fast it’s going – although the days seem long due to sleep deprivation!

We’ve been thankful to have my mom here each day this week to help us out while I’m recovering from a c-section. Life with three boys doesn’t stop just because there’s a new baby and mom is out of commission for a while! In fact, Aidan actually invented today’s activity!

I got out some pipe cleaners and our strainer (or colander, whatever you call it) so that Owen could play with them while the older boys did a little of their homeschool work.

This was an idea that I got from Smockity Frocks, and it worked great for keeping Owen busy! He enjoyed sticking the pipe cleaners through the holes, etc.

Then, Aidan decided that he would like to use the pipe cleaners to make animals. I was totally surprised at how well the animals turned out and how long it kept the boys busy – in fact, they played with them for a long time again today!

Father and Son Lions

A Chimpanzee Swinging from a Vine and Holding a Coconut


And when we’re doing, we can bend the pipe cleaners into something else and use them again.

Are you cooped up in the house? Maybe not for a new baby, but bad weather or sickness? What is keeping your boys busy?


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  1. Sara Jan 11, 2012

    Congradulations on your newest addition! As a mom to 4 boys, ages 6-1, I enjoy reading your blog and have used many of your ideas in my own home. Enjoy the smell of that sweet new baby, and be sure to be gentle with yourself during recovery. Not sure if its your first c-section, but they can be rough to recover from sometimes both physically and emotionally.



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