Yesterday morning, Owen and I did some stamping with paints while the older brothers were at VBS and the baby brother was napping.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a chance to do something with just one child!  Owen is so much more calm when his brothers are not around, and I was amazed at how focused he was on this activity – I think he went through four or five sheets of paper!

I cut a potato in half and used a knife to make a holes in one and stripes on the other  – they made really neat designs on the paper!

Owen also enjoyed making paint circles with a paper towel roll, but his favorite part was making dinosaur tracks with plastic dinosaur toys in the paint!

I was thinking that it would be fun to make a matching game with the dinosaurs – I could stamp their feet on index cards and have Owen and Gresham match up dinos to footprint cards.  We have WAY too many dinos, so we could make a lot of cards!

What objects do your kids like to use for stamping?


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