Gresham turned 4 in October, and we have been doing preschool (homeschooling) since the fall. We were pretty laid back all fall, getting to his work some days and not on other days. Now that he has been 4 for a while, I really want to be more intentional with homeschooling him this spring.

He and I both needed some type of checklist (I do a daily checklist for Aidan – 2nd grade), so I made this chart:

Yeah, I’m sure I could make something a little neater on the computer, but this was easier…

Each day we will practice violin (I am a violin teacher, so I can do this for free! We started about a month ago.), practice letters (either writing or letter sounds), do some type of math activity, and I will read out loud to him.

Here is what we did for today’s math:

I gave Gresham an assortment of shoes including some from each member of the family, and had him organize them into a line from smallest to largest. This required some thinking on his part! He immediately put Owen’s shoes on the smallest side, but then I showed him that the two Owen pairs were actually two different sizes – he had to carefully line them up to see which pair was larger.

Most boys love to move around and do this type of school much more than sitting down with a pencil and a workbook, but we have also found some workbooks that we really like!

This one is our favorite:

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We use the Handwriting Without Tears series for Aidan as well, and we are very happy with it. The “Get Set for School” book is adorable! I love the simple, classic design. It begins with drawing basic lines and identifying letters, and progresses to writing the capital letters and numbers 1-10. I don’t have the parent book, but I think it would be worth getting. It looks like the parent book expands the lessons in the student book and gives more ideas.

We also like the preschool workbook series from Rod and Staff, and at $2.80 each, you can’t beat the price! Gresham has almost completed the first book – “Adventures with Books,” which contains cutting activities, coloring, and matching.

I LOVE preschool… It’s such a simple time of life. I love preschool songs, and cutting and gluing, and new crayons…

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  1. Terri G. Jan 4, 2011

    I agree with you. Preschool is when the learning is always fun. I'm teaching only boys, also.

    1. Joy Jan 4, 2011

      My daughter is for and loves to learn. It makes teaching so much easier and fun to do! Thanks for joining in the Hip Homeschool Hop!


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