When the weather is bad and the children are restless, a mom’s got to think of some way to burn off steam or the boys are gonna get wild! This evening, I had Gresham run across the house just to give him something to do! Then, I ran with him. Then we ran while flapping our arms like birds (his idea). I asked him to think of all the ways that we could get across the room. We ended up thinking of several! We crawled, we bear crawled (legs straight, bottom in the air), and we ran backwards. We jumped. We walked on our knees. We crab walked.
The crab walking was a little tricky with the rider who wanted to be on me! At least he’s a cute rider…
We also did this activity that I saw at The Activity Mom. I gave Gresham two pieces of paper and asked him to walk across the room without touching the carpet. Aidan was the one to actually figure out how – he needed to step onto the second paper, and then reach back and move the first one in front on him to make a new place to step. He had a lot of fun!
And of course, little brother had to get in on the action!
Sometimes, a little active play goes a long way – especially when they have to think a little in the process!
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  1. momstheword Feb 7, 2011

    These are great ideas! I love how little your boys are. It reminds me of the days when my boys were little.

    We used to play dodge ball and baseball in the family room, lol! We used a nerf bat and ball and a big ball for the dodge ball. I just placed them along one long wall and tried to throw the ball at them. They loved it and it didn't hurt.

    We also did bowling down one long hall with plastic bins and ball. We built forts with blankets and put on Disney music and "danced" around the room.

    The older one liked to do crafts but the younger one wanted to be active, so he did not like doing art much during our homeschool day. Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  2. Momma Mindy Feb 7, 2011

    I had two rambunctious boys and often did many of the things you just mentioned. A wise, older woman gave me the advice, after viewing my two year old run crazy for less than five minutes, to help him use up his energy so he wouldn't be naughty. If there weren't enough activities to do, she told me to just wrestle with him, letting him release. She told me when he was older to direct that energy into chores, especially manly type chores. She was so right! Seems you caught onto this little secret early in life, good for you, Mom!

  3. Kristin @ Preschool Universe Jun 23, 2011

    Fun! I'm always looking for indoor activities that wear the kiddies out. Thanks!

  4. Sarah UmmYusuf Mar 6, 2016

    What a great idea! Trying this with the kiddos tomorrow. Thanks for sharing! :-)


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