I saw this idea for winter snow scene jars on All for the Boys (great blog, by the way!) via Pinterest , and I knew it would be the perfect thing for our kitchen table!  Last year, I took down our Christmas centerpiece (late) and did a Valentine’s one.  Then, I switched it two bird’s nests for spring.  And the bird’s nests stayed there until… Thanksgiving (ahem).  This year I want to do better about seasonal decorating!

Snowman Jars

To make our jars, we used:

  • Small jars from Hobby Lobby (on sale for $2 each!)
  • Crayola Model Magic – one package was enough to make snowmen for three kids
  • Artificial trees – from the train models/diorama section at Hobby Lobby
  • Felt – in case anyone wanted to make their snowman a scarf, which they didn’t!
  • Googly eyes
  • Buttons
  • Sticks
  • Orange paint – for the noses
  • Glue
  • Sugar or salt – to fill the bottom of the jars

Snowman Jars

The Model Magic was perfect for this – it’s lightweight and easy to work with.

Snowman Jars

At first, we used real carrots (cut in small pieces) for the noses.  This ended up being a BAD idea!  The carrots shriveled up into nothing as they dried and looked ridiculous.  I ended up making some noses out of the leftover Model Magic and painting them orange.  Then I glued them on the poor nose-less snowmen!

Snowman Jars

We didn’t have any trouble with the eyes or buttons falling off the Model Magic once it dried.  Just be sure to push them in well, and you should be fine.  If any fall off, you can always glue them on.  The Model Magic dries within 72 hours, but it took much less than that with the heat running in the house!

Once your snowmen are ready to go, scoop sugar (or salt) into the bottom of your jar and arrange your snowmen and trees.

Snowman Jars

I love how cute they turned out, and also the fact that Gresham and Owen (age 7 and 4.5) made the snowmen themselves!

Aidan was absolutely set on making Olaf from the movie Frozen.  We pulled up some pictures online, but even with a visual aid Olaf turned out to be very difficult to make!  Dad came to the rescue, and made this amazing Olaf out of Model Magic.  He’s too big to fit in Aidan’s jar, but Aidan doesn’t mind at all!

Snowman Jars

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  1. Sue Fromm Jan 11, 2014

    I have a suggestion for the noses that we used for our little snowmen a couple of years ago - toothpicks ! The kids can use an orange marker to color the whole toothpick then they can be broken in half to insert . They also used a permanent marker for the eyes and mouth by just dotting. Of course this was pre- Olaf so the effect would be more generic. Your little guys are fantastic !!

  2. Lila White Jan 11, 2014

    I've used orange FIMO clay to shape noses.

  3. Stefanie Berge Jan 11, 2014

    I want to make these with my daycare kids....I have looked all over MN for the jars and can't find anything close.....I also checked the Hobby Lobby for the jars to see if could just have them shipped here, but I can't find them on their website. Can you look and maybe give me a link to order them?

  4. mommykins0814 Dec 16, 2014

    I have all the supplies ready to be made tomorrow! My boys are so excited about making these as christmas presents for the grandparents!


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