As of Thursday, we officially have a one year old in the house! We brought Jonathan home from the hospital a year ago today. So hard to believe.

Just for fun, here are some pictures of our little guy!

He loves the fact that he can stand all by himself. In fact, he claps for himself every time! It cracks me up.

Jonathan is 1

Look at me standing! Yay me!

Jonathan is 1

Walking to big brother:

Jonathan is 1


peek a boo

That was SO funny!

peek a boo 2

This cake stuff is new to me, but I sure like it!

jonathan's birthday

Age 1 is a busy age (for mom and dad!), but it sure is fun watching him learn new things every day!


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  1. thebargainbabe Jan 9, 2013

    stop! you're making me want another one! he is so cute. my youngest is 2 1/2 .
    so glad to have found your blog with BOY ideas! off to ' follow' you.


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