What do we do when we’ve had NINE showings on our house (which is up for sale) and everyone is tired of cleaning and waiting and cleaning and leaving? (And full of restless energy because it’s all so unsettling?)

We do an EASY craft that quickly gets energetic boys engaged instead of bouncing off the walls!

And there’s not much simpler than a sock snake.  Just find an old sock and add hot glue, googly eyes, and some felt decorations.  We stuffed ours with fiber fill stuffing, but you could also recycle tissue paper or newspaper as stuffing, or maybe stuffing from an old stuffed animal.  I sewed the ends of the snakes shut.

Aidan made a “hood” out of felt to make his look like a cobra.

When the snakes were done, the boys made homes for them out of cardboard boxes, and that kept them busy for another hour or so!  Yay for simple fun!


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