I think that summer with boys can be described as a layer of sweat covered with a layer of popsicle, and then a layer of dirt stuck to all that…

And water guns. Can’t forget the water guns!

Especially since they are so much more fun on our new swing set!

Mmmmmm, popsicle!

Oooh, that does look good! Better than my dog chow.

I think I’ll hang around – I can always count on Owen to drop stuff…

Yep, what did I say?

Waaah! Where’s my popsicle?

(Just kidding – he hasn’t had any solid food yet! Poor baby has a cold and did not nap well today – meltdown time!)

Also – we invented a pretty neat PVC pipe sling shot today! Post coming on that as soon as we work out some kinks in the design!

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