Because we ended our homeschooling year by studying about insects in our science book, we have been especially aware of the ones that we find around our yard. The boys have always enjoyed making a “home” for their insects in a jar or box, but lately we have been having fun researching what kind of bug we found and what they actually eat. For example, the boys found a ground beetle a few weeks ago and were feeding it grass until we read online that they actually eat other bugs and even worms!

Here’s what we found in the yard today:

The pictures don’t do it justice – it’s really a pretty beetle! Very shiny and metallic looking with reds and greens. The most distinguishing feature, though, is the horn on the front of its face.

This picture is horribly out of focus, but the only one I got with a good view of the horn.

So, we googled “metallic horned beetle” and found out that this little bug is none other than a dung beetle! How pleasant! I guess all the doggie deposits attracted him to our back yard.


And yes, that’s my kitchen table that the little beetle is sitting on…

The beetle is in a jar now, waiting for Dad to arrive home from work so that he can see it. Then we are releasing him back into the yard, because we are NOT feeding him his food of choice in the house!


Do your children like to catch bugs? Have you ever had a bug jar prominently displayed as a table centerpiece in your home?


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  1. Mrs M Jun 15, 2011

    My 5yr old son would be sO ENVIOUS!

    Gross yet interesting critter that you found.LOL

    1. Diane Jul 9, 2011

      My daughter loves to look for bugs. She started when she was little bringing in bugs from the back yard. Then it lead to us searching out a 4h club for entomology. She will be 17 this month and one of our fun things to do is go on bug hunts. We have friends who also go and have taught us how to find bugs. Yes I have jars, containers, critter containers and such in my house. JOY. lol. I often wish for a covered porch area so they can live outside where they belong.


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