We found this idea for making Q-tip snowflakes in this month’s Family Fun magazine. All you need for this project is Q-tips, Tacky Glue (my personal favorite for any craft!), waxed paper, and colored glitter.

We taped down waxed paper to make a work surface, and then arranged the Q-tips in a “snowflake” pattern. Gresham did his with triangles. The Family Fun example had diamond shapes, and they were really cute also.

Cover all of the joints with Tacky Glue. This is where the glitter comes in, but we didn’t have any! (Confession: I really hate glitter. I don’t think I’ve ever bought any! Good thing I have boys…). If you have glitter, sprinkle some over each glue spot – it really does make the snowflakes look better! The Family Fun snowflakes had blue and silver glitter.

We had to let our snowflakes dry overnight – but the humidity here was 93% yesterday, so maybe it won’t take so long if we do them again when it’s a dry day! Once they’re dry, simply peel off the waxed paper!

Great decoration for hanging in a window, etc.!


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  1. Rebekah Dec 14, 2011

    Love this idea, and how it could be expanded to make other shapes and designs with the q-tips!

  2. Aimee Dec 14, 2011

    We did this with popsicle sticks- Hobby Lobby has some with cut out edges that make them look really snowflaky. :) And glitter...we did the project days ago, and I just swept up more glitter. I'm pretty sure I even ATE some ..

  3. Angelique Felix Dec 15, 2011

    Love the post, even without glitter:)


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