If you haven’t checked out my Usborne Books E-show, there’s still time!  We have extended the E-show until Monday February 4th.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out the “See Inside” (ages 7 and up) and “Look Inside” (ages 3 and up) books.  There are a variety of topics such as birds, big cats, the human body, and inventions.  All of the books have flaps to lift.

Usborne Books E-Show and Giveaway

For preschoolers, the Big Book of Machines looks like a lot of fun!  (There’s also a Big Book of Big Animals, a Big Book of Dinosaurs, and a Big Book of Sea Creatures)

Usborne Books E-show and Giveaway

Preschoolers through early elementary will have fun with the dot-to-dot books.  There are several options, and they are only $3.99 each.

Usborne Books E-show and Giveaway

I am really interested in the “wipe clean” books for Owen.  At $7.99 each, they are a good price for writing practice!  There’s also one with mazes.  Look under the preschool tab.

Usborne Books E-show and Giveaway

Today I highlighted several preschool books, but there are great titles for older kids too!  You can browse the E-show by age.  Just click here to visit my show!  Anyone who makes a purchase is automatically entered in a giveaway for $20 in free books.


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  1. nicole Jan 28, 2013

    Oh! I can tell you that the all of the wipe-clean books are amazing :) My littles love them (especially the wipe-clean mazes book. My guys are 4 and 3 and they sometimes wrestle over whose turn it is to use it ;) I need to break down and just order another).

    The secret to cleaning off the black marker that is "from the-last-time-used" is rubbing alcohol! It comes right off. I hope that you have a fantastic show :) :)

    What a great idea to do an Eshow on your blog!!! (as an usborne consultant myself, i think that this idea is brilliant!)


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